Wear it how you want! This Evening Star 1950 antique silverware necklace features a unique adjustable slider that lets you find the perfect way to wear it. Longer, shorter—simply slide and go. The stainless steel chain makes it easy to wear and finishes this expertly crafted piece of art.

  • This beautiful slider necklace is made using an antique silver plate knife end   
  • The 42″ necklace chain is stainless steel and comes with 2 pearls attached
  • Keeping the silverware knife end pendant from sliding, is a small rubber stopper that can be slid up or down the necklace to shorten or lengthen the pearl beaded tassels.
  • Please remember these beautiful necklaces are made from very old antique silverware. Some light scratches may be visible. This only adds to the character and charm of each piece.
  • Gift box included

Collections: Silverware Jewelry

Evening Star 1950 Antique Silverware Necklace